Financial Forecasts & advice

A financial forecast is simply a financial plan or budget for your business. It is an estimate of future financial requirement to the project. You will then know exactly how much you need to fund to the project in every month for a smooth construction process.

Advantages of an effective financial forecast:

  • Demonstrates the financial viability of a project venture. Allows you to construct a model of how your project to be perform financially if certain strategies, events and plans are carried out.
  • Allows you to measure the actual financial operation of the project against the forecast financial plan and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Allows you to guide the project in the right direction and take control of your cash flow.
  • Provides a benchmark against which to measure future performance.
  • Identifies potential risks and cash shortfalls to keep the project out of financial trouble.
  • Provides an estimate of future cash needs and whether additional private equity or borrowing is necessary.
  • Assists you to secure a bank loan or other funding. Lenders and investors require financial forecasts to show your capacity to repay the loan.