Negotiation of Tenderers quotations

QSCC provide best negotiation service on behalf of their Client; professionally and ethically. We believes that post tender negotiation is an appropriate process to secure value for money. It is the responsibility of the purchasing and supply management professional to determine whether, for any particular contract, post tender negotiation should be undertaken.

Therefore we suggests that bid clarification i.e. detailed discussion about the offer, should usually comprise the final stage after receipt of tenders and before contract award; it will normally lead to improved value being obtained.

This is because there are often points in the tender which need to be clarified. It may also be necessary to undertake bid clarification with several suppliers, for example if a bid appears especially low, or especially high on price. During bid clarification, discussion might take place around the specification or delivery period.  

This may lead to negotiation on terms and conditions, warranties, payment terms or price. It is important however, that during this process of negotiation, the changed offer does not alter the competition. Where the negotiation is taking place with the clear winner, as judged against the  selected criteria, it would not matter if the outcome dramatically changed.