Pre Contract Administration
Post Contract Administration
We are not practicing cost controlling and Quantity Surveying practice as traditional way as everybody is doing – we are innovative and our value lies in commercial and contractual knowledge and expertise.

We identify risks in advance and structure our clients’ contracts to allocate these risks to the party best placed to manage it. Post-contract, we commercially manage projects preciously.

When our clients appoint us, we take the accountability seriously and will always ensure that we can demonstrate tangible financial benefits as a direct result of our involvement.

We will undertake the followings, but not limited to.....
  • Pre-Tender activities in the field of Civil and M & E such as Taking-off Quantities, preparation of Cost Plans, Budget Estimates and Bill of Quantities, Pre-Tender Estimates, etc.
  • General Post-Contract activities comprises, Monthly Payment Application / certification, evaluation of variations, etc.
  • Our cost controlling team for dispute resolutions will be participating the meetings required for ADR and give advised to the Client.
  • Concluding of outstanding project’s' final account for the investors and the contractors including resolving disputes contractually.

Our Policy

We always follow the rules conduct for firms established by RICS as below;

  • Proportionality
  • Accountability
  • Consistency
  • Targeting
  • Transparency

We do provide Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) for our Clients upon awarding the business.